Rash Field Park will be redesigned into an active and attractive park space that will serve a diverse user base through added amenities and increased programming. Explore the beloved hallmarks and new features of Rash Field Park.


Take a trip into the country with our urban nature park.  This nature play space will feature gardens of native plants, secret pathways and fallen logs to immerse children in our local ecosystem.  The nature park is designed by Natural Learning Initiative, a leader in childhood development and age-appropriate play.


A dynamic playground for kids of all ages, this space is headlined by two wooden towers reaching over 30 feet in the air!  The adventure park will inspire adventure through active play while reducing childhood obesity.  The adventure park is designed by Natural Learning Initiative, a leader in childhood development and age-appropriate play.


A place to relax and take in the waterfront views! Tree cover will provide a cool respite, while a working stormwater feature will collect runoff and provide an educational experience for local science classes. Porch swings that overlook the Inner Harbor will quickly become one of the most popular features at Rash Field Park.

In 2011, Jake Owen was a happy five-year old child playing with his new Super Mario Brothers game he just got for Christmas, when a cell phone distracted driver struck his family car from behind at 62 MPH. His last words were, “Mom, I have 43 lives!”

In his short life, Jake became an avid skateboarder and sports enthusiast. He would take to the streets to show his friends and parents his new skateboarding tricks, or help his friends pick up the sport. He played baseball and soccer and inspired everyone he knew to pursue their passions and live life fully. Jake’s favorite colors were Purple and Orange, inspired by his hometown sports teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.

To honor Jake’s life and infectious attitude, we are raising money to build Jake’s Skatepark at Rash Field Park in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Although sadly Jake will never get to experience the thrill of a skatepark in his neighborhood, the park will provide a dedicated space for skate boarding children and will be accessible for skaters of all ages and abilities.

#DonateToSkate – Help Build Jake’s Skatepark! Click here to donate


Designed by internationally-acclaimed architects Gensler, the glassy pavilion will feature a local cafe with sweeping views of the waterfront. The pavilion will also include an iconic steel shade structure that will keep our outdoor seating cool and comfortable throughout the summer.


Located on top of the pavilion, the green roof overlook is a park within a park. The overlook will welcome visitors who enter from Key Highway to curved pathways and waterfront views. Descend into the main park through a grand set of stairs.